The day came and went like any other. The last week in the tiny house was so hectic, selling things, giving away others, taking clothes to donate (about 3 times) – I kept purging and purging as much as I could. My nice cozy king-size bed I loved so much, gone. All the deck furniture and the hammock I loved, gone. The comfort of a fridge, my washer, my dryer, gone. And with that, the keys were giving back and also the luxury of a daily hot shower and the safety of having a place to sleep every night.

So many mixed feelings, I was excited and scared, inspired and nervous. I was really looking forward to waking up on the beach for days, but then again, what to do when I was back in the city? Where would I park? I still haven’t answered those questions but, I’ll figure it out when I get there.

I think the best part of this process has been the support of my friends. Although most people think I’m crazy, those who know me think it’s inspiring. My former neighbors, a young couple the same ages as my kids – were such a great support in this process. And the fact that they looked up to me was strengthening. Add to that my group of friends, each and every one of them offering their house, their spare room, their washer/dryer, their farm or just their ongoing support. Add to that, that most of them ended up purchasing everything from my house, I mean, how cool is that? This has been priceless and it reassures me that I’m good.

The last 3 nights I slept in the van and it was such a great prelude of what was to come. I miss being in my tiny cozy space, it makes days simpler. Everything is simpler, it’s what I crave and it’s what I need. Regressing into having a home didn’t only separate me from what I wanted, it created too much of a safe place for me, I was hiding, from everything and everyone.

The very last day was about packing the van and saying goodbye, or see you later, see you on the road. I summoned my friends very last minute and they all showed up, for a campfire and support and love – and my heart was full. Because I am blessed, that I have such an amazing chosen family, who don’t only support my crazy but love me for who I am.

Morning came, I jumped in the drivers seat… and I was off to my biggest adventure yet.

“Simple is beautiful
Not always easy, but beautiful.
Simple means letting go,
Refining, honing in what matters most.
Quieting all the noise so you can finally relax and be you”

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