Life is about change. And the time had come to make a change. My life had become stale, old, boring and safe. For a year and half I had spent so much time, and money, and effort building a brand new Sprinter van, and it was parked outside my tiny home, being stale, boring and safe. Covid changed so many things for all of us, 2020 was actually exciting for me, I had the time and the money to build the van, people were desperate for work so I was able to put a lot into my project while navigating restrictions and curfews. I had one goal, finish the van and live in it.

But 2021 came around and Covid’s 3rd wave hit Costa Rica. Curfew was 9pm, I could only drive a few times a week, beaches closed at 6:00 pm and most safe camping spots were closed. I was renting a little room from my daughter in her tiny apartment and it was hectic, both of us living and working in tight quarters together with 2 dogs and a cat. By sheer coincidence I found a little tiny house, a couple short containers with a deck – and I fell in love, moved in that same week.

I always knew or figured I’d like a landing spot, a place to call “home away from home”, do laundry, take a shower, or hide from the world. And that’s what this tiny house came to be, I had a place to have friends over, have long late Netflix nights in my cozy king-size bed, do loads of laundry with all kinds of great smelling stuff. I could BBQ with the kids, have my morning coffee on my hammock, hang with the neighbors or just work for days with the comfort of steady Wi-Fi. It did become home, but I became too comfortable.

Work got tricky, my income dropped and with that the rainy season came. So home became the tiny house with a converted van parked outside. My days were about working, hanging about the house, eating and very random trips here and there. My sense of adventure, my plans, my van life had been put aside. It was a weird time, at one point I decided I would take off to Monteverde, one of my favorite camping spots where I can spend days on end. The day after a really nasty conversation with my mother, I jumped in the van and headed north. I arrived at camp very ready to leave my troubles behind and enjoy a few days of cloud forest weather, writing, reading, relaxing. Just as I was parking in my spot, the van got stuck in the mud. It took me 1 hour and many repeated uses of TREDS (and logs) until I managed to move the van enough to camp.


But come October I caught a wind of change and it was time. It was time to leave the old behind, open doors and windows to the new. I quit my job with my family and having just 50% of my income I decided it was time to live in the van. It didn’t take me long to realize I had been hiding in a very safe space and I was not living the life that made me happy. The decision was made, I was going to sell everything, leave my tiny house, and live in the van. And that’s how it happened.

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