WEEK 1 FULLTIME (monteverde)

My first week of living in the van, I had thought, would be all about getting into the groove of being in my tine space 100% of the time – which is relative right, because you’re basically outdoors all the time. It wasn’t shocking at all that I fell right into it, there was no learning curve, nothing to get used to, it’s always been my happy place, I had just forgotten how much I loved being here. I had just quit on elf my main jobs so I had the liberty to go anywhere I wanted, preferably a familiar place where I could test all the new additions to the van.

I decided to head to the way familiar Turín, Monteverde. I have known the family there for many years and it’s one of the places I feel most at home. Up in the cloud forest, the weather is perfect, I can work and I have a supportive family (and a restaurant if I don’t feel like cooking). Think my first lesson was as I was driving up the 606 route from Sardinal – “wow I’m way too heavy”. I could feel the extra weight that I had packed onto the van and right away I started making a mental list of all the things I really don’t need. Yup, those things I packed 3 days ago thinking, I’m definitely going to be needing 3 ceramic coffee cups, and 6 plates, bowls & what not instead of 4… or even just 2 of each! 3 hours of driving thinking about the weight of the water, and if maybe I had packed way too many warm clothes for when I head to the mountains, asking myself: is the weight properly distributed? Am I going to wear down the tires unevenly? What if I unpack stuff and then need it? How much water is too much water?

Once I was setup in Turín, I was in my happy place, all the doubts and all the questions had vanished. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, next time I drive into town I will remove some things and that’s that! No issues. I was back to my van routine. Wake up in the morning, open the door to a sunny cool day. Make coffee & sit on my bench to journal, take in the day, check my schedule and start work. Why didn’t I do this sooner? I have everything I need here, right here in this tiny space.

It was time to get back into town for a bit.

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