week 2 fulltime (guanacaste)

Week 2 of living full-time in the van started with a new job. Everything happens for a reason, probably the most repeated quote ever – but it rings true every time. Us humans, we really need to learn the lesson, that in order for new things to come, we must let go of the old. And this applies to everything, relationships, material things, jobs. I knew living in the van on a budget would be fine but landing a job during all this process just made everything perfect. All in all, even when we’re good with living simple and don’t need much – having savings and financial security is always a good feeling.

So I headed out to Jacó Beach where my family has a vacation home, it was a good place to have some initial meetings, training sessions and do my laundry of course. I could park on the beach and also have the comfort of good wifi and a decent-looking background for my meetings. I’ve been craving summer days and beaches for months, so that was next on my list. I headed up to the town of Liberia to stay with my friend Tatiana for a couple of nights where we then headed to Los Congos in Playa Hermosa. As much as I love the freedom and instagram-worthy feeling of parking on the beach, a safe campground with power and bathrooms takes the win. But I was still craving that beach time – only campers in general would understand the feeling of just hanging out on the beach all day, but you’re home. You’re having your morning coffee with the sound of the waves, and breakfast on the sand. You can put in a couple hours of work while people watching on the beach – I mean, yeah.

It was a moochdocking kind of week, which was fine… it’s been one of the many great things about this new adventure. So many people, friends and even strangers have reached out, offered their farms, their homes and their washing machines.

And it was time to move on and search for that on-the-beach vibe I’ve been craving, so headed south.

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