week 3 fulltime (Guanacaste)

One word describes the 3rd week of full-timing in the van: HOT! More like fucking hot. I have been craving heading up north to Guanacaste where it’s warm & dry, hang out at the beach during these summer days with cristal clear oceans and light sand. Little did I remember that it’s piping hot around here! 

I left Playa Hermosa to go south thinking I would explore some beaches along the way, the becomes so tricky when you’re navigating in a 3 meter high van that weighs approximately 3 tons (which reminds me, I need to find a way to weigh the van). Headed over the Catalinas down into Tamarindo Beach. I know, it’s so similar to Jaco, and it’s busy, touristy and the van doesn’t fit anywhere but there were a few campgrounds I wanted to explore and I really wanted to head on over to Witches Rock Surf Camp for some big-ass-nachos. 

My home for most of the week was a campground called Los Toros, I had some work meetings and I’m still getting into the groove of a new job so it was a steady place to stay, I had a little camping hut to myself, 110v plug and somewhat of a wifi signal. It was hot, like piping hot, like I needed to put Taco under the water tap 3 times a day to cool him off – and he’s a sun lover! On the first day I made the major mistake of staying put at camp, just sitting there in the heat so the next day I drove over to Flamingo Beach. 

Back in 2017 I was in Coco Loco Restaurant at Flaming with some friends, I remember looking down the beach and there was a blue short converted bus parked on the side of the road. There was a couple, going about their day, doing yoga with the sunset and having dinner. “How fucking cool is that!” I thought to myself, would be amazing to just make any beach your home. Fast forward 4 years and here I was, in a blue van parked on the beach having breakfast. 

Tamarindo was fun but it’s sure the busy season, although I did get to meet some van lifers from France, a beautiful couple and their son (and dog). We parked close to each other for the day, swapped stories & took pics of each other’s vans – that’s standard practice it seems! I must say I’m learning something about myself… I’m one crazy OCD van dweller, so far I don’t think I have seen a single van that’s as clean and tidy as mine haha, not sure that’s a good thing or a bad thing! 

The rest of week 3 was mooch-docking, my daughter’s best friend has a little house in Tamarindo so I parked at their house for two nights – they are such great friends to her, I loved spending time with them and just hanging out. And just like that, another week went by.

And it was time to head south…

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