week 7 rolling arenal via barva to beach

Yes week 7 I did a little too much rolling, but it was worth it. And it’s ok, as much as I like being parked in a stunning spot, I also like the feeling of driving to a new destination, even if it’s dropping into town to run some errands. And that’s exactly what this week was all about.

After New Year’s celebrations it was alone time again and I was happy. As much as I love camping with friends, hanging out with music and chatting the night away – I also love my solo quiet time. I moved to another camping spot where I could have power & water to stay the week, I knew with the start of 2022 work would be busy and a familiar cozy place would be the perfect start to the work year. The weather took a turn for the worse, I really enjoy indoor time, it’s cozy in my little home and rainy days are perfect for staying inside.

Until day 3 arrived and the rain would not stop, the wind at night was super gnarly but fun at the same time. Looking at the ground saturating with water more & more, I knew it was time to move on! So since I hadn’t seen my kids for New Year, it was time to drop into town again, run some errands and spend time with my family. Among those errands, I decided it was time to come up with a solution to shower inside the van when it’s raining outside for days. I went for something simple, a little bucket and 2 wash cloths. That will do!

City time is hectic, it seems I have a day or two for running a million errands and then I leave with pending issues, friends to visit, things to do. This time I headed close by up the mountain to San José de la Montaña to visit a friend who lives in a nice mountain cabin. We had talked about taking some drone pics and I really wanted to work on those. I wrote an article for Rootless Living Magazine about nomad living in Costa Rica and some aerial photos would be a perfect addition. Couple nights of cabin life and I was ready for some beach time.

This time I headed out to Central Pacific, up north was way too hot for me so this was a happy medium. This area is familiar, there’s many options for camping, I have good work signal and I can move around, see friends, go to the supermarket and still camp at night. The weather was perfect, sunny days with a nice ocean breeze, it was the perfect setting to make myself at home for a few days.

This week reminded me of why I decided to live in a van. I’ve been learning that as much as I love the beach, there’s really no place like the mountains. I love the feeling of cool mountain air in the mornings, wake up to have coffee with sleeves on, a little chill in my feet. The air is just different and “camping” out in the van is somehow simpler. I still don’t know where “home” could be someday, the thought of coffee on the beach is my favorite but so is the mountains. So for the meantime, I will switch back and forth, go where the wind blows until the universe says otherwise.

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