Weeks 13 to 15 are a bit of a blur right now. Took some time off blogging as I was dealing with some family issues while still trying to live somewhat of a “normal” life in a van & work full-time. These weeks were and on-and-off again back and forth from the beach to San Jose, just come and go – which is not my thing, but some things take priority. 

Life issues are hard when you live in a van. Some kind of stability is needed when all shit goes wrong, and van living does not give you that. At least in my case. Some days I miss having a little house to go back to, most of the time I don’t. I really do not like dropping into San Jose, it becomes so complicated staying in the van yet being close to my kids. Let’s just say that I have spent a pretty penny paying for hotel stays. But here’s the thing, a nice king-size bed, AC, great Wi-Fi, cable TV and room services just make it all worth the money. 

So these weeks I stayed in the Jaco – Esterillos Oeste area, I wanted to be close to my son and it’s just a familiar area. I’d park on the beach during the day & drive into the campground for the night, one of the many perks of living in a van. Headed out to Bejuco for a few nights to meet with friends where I enjoyed one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve seen in a very long time. 

So many weeks on the beach is tricky for me, the heat, the overheated electrical system, hot nights and busy weekends. But there’s really nothing like parking right next to the ocean and just enjoying the day, fresh fish from the locals. That brings me to my fuck-up. Seriously, some days I feel like I’m an 80-year-old woman who should just be at home watching TV. I woke up super early to get work done, I had arrived late at the campground so had to park in an odd area. Opened the door and the sun was just blasting through the interior of the van. So I pulled out the awning. About half an hour later I get a call and begin to pack quickly to take off and forget to close the awning. 

I honestly knew this would happen one day; I’ve been so close to driving off with the darn thing open. And today was that day, the day I trashed my open awning on a tree. These are the days where I think, is this just part of the lifestyle? Am I just an airhead for real or does this happen to the best of us?

So San Jose visits were needed, to get the awning fixed, to drop it off, put it back on, see my kids, see friends, back and forth, I was exhausted. I like to focus on the positive, so, Costa Rica is so tiny it really allows for this, to move around and get things done, even if that means driving into town a couple of times a week. But then again, I was really missing my routine, the mountains and my down time. 

And that took me into Week 16…

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