I think if I ever pick a place to live permanently, that would probably be Monteverde. There’s just something about that place, the green, the weather, the cool nights, the rainbows. It’s just perfection in my book. 

The Turín area is very close to my heart, it’s a place where I can hide up in the cloud forest, have my privacy, have my down time yet have the support of a loving family. So that’s where I headed. Once the craziness was over I drove up 3 hours into Monteverde and just nested for a week. It was so overdue. I really needed to slip back into all my routines, my food, my personal care, my work, writing, blogging, cleaning the van and just sitting outside to breathe!

For now, there’s really no place that provides that other than Turín. This is the perfect example of the misconception of van life, for me at least. I don’t really like moving around, driving day after day, missing breakfast because I had to leave early… or skipping lunch because I’m still on the road. Which then takes me late into the night working because I didn’t get to cover all my hours. 

Van living to me is picking a spot for the week, having the time to feel like you belong, even if it’s just for a few days. Wake up and make coffee, sit outside and take my time to journal. Do the dishes, put things away and make sure things are tidy and clean. Shower outdoors (which I always prefer), put some clean clothes on and sit outside to work. All these little things, just make me happy. 

I’m certainly more of a mountain person when it comes to living and traveling in the van. Being up high with a cool breeze and chilly nights really trumps hot days and uncomfortable nights. My days are more relaxed, I do the things I enjoy the most and my stress levels are way low. Where to next? I have no idea… the last weeks were so weird that I’m a little unmotivated to go explore someplace new. 

Maybe I’ll just stick around, maybe I’ll discover a new place… who knows! For now, I’m happy right here where I belong. 

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