Yes I stayed one more week in Monteverde, my mind needed it and my body too. This is one of the many things I love about van life, there’s no rules. You can jump from one destination to another on a daily basis or even just chose to stay in one place for weeks at a time. 

Getting to this place and spending some days alone in my tiny space has literally rejuvenated me. I had no idea how much the stress of family issues, life and other things had affected me in all senses. Again, this is why I love this area, it just does me so well, and it’s why I decided to hide away in the cloud forest and continue this journey of healing. 

Chatting with a friend the other day I was trying to explain to her that living in a van can bring on a little stress, so I’ll try to explain. There’s locations, say the beach, where many little things work against you. The heat is unbearable and even if you have a great breeze, the entire van suffers. The fridge has to work harder, the inverter overheats, the laptop’s battery life diminishes as it’s trying to stay cool. All these factors some together and you start struggling with battery life. Come 5:00pm when the sun goes down, I’m desperately checking my apps to see if I have enough juice to run the fan all night without my fridge drying on me – and with that all my food. 

I also work full-time and I’m never comfortable sitting outside with my laptop. It’s just a huge no-no when it comes to being a female traveling alone. So the 3 to 5 hours a day that I need to be online, I’m either locked in the van or trying to hide inside (with the heat that is). 

In addition to that, there’s noise, people, loud music, a sensory overload for both Taco and me.

When I drive up to Monteverde and hide out in my spot, all that disappears. I can focus on my little routines, making morning coffee, sitting outside to journal. I can walk down to the bathroom without having to lock the van, sit outside and work in the shade or have a nice long nap with the breeze blowing in through the doors. All the stress, all the little issues, the worries, they all disappear and there’s a sense of security, pure bliss. 

That’s what week 17 was all about. So many things melted away, I ate good food, drank amazing coffee, focused on myself and all the things I would normally celebrate. Like sitting next to the river to drink my coffee, or laying on the deck to watch the sunset. THIS, this is why I chose the van life. 

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