After such a fantastic week in Monteverde I was on a “van-high”. I had slipped back into my happy place, I was refreshed, inspired and ready to do some new exploring. However, work has been tough. I took on a new job back in November, it has been both amazing and demanding. 

Week 18 was going to be all about work so I needed a steady place with the right amenities. This usually means: 1) Be able to plug in the van, 2) Bathrooms and 3) Clean potable water. If possible, a sink. Talk about luxuries but I think this is one of the cool things of van living, you really don’t need much to be happy. 

Just a few weeks behind I took some time to do online research about new campgrounds. Camping has become increasingly popular here in Costa Rica and so many little campgrounds are popping up. On my list was a little park in the Atenas area called Prados Park. Because of the location I knew I’d have good service on my hotspot so I decided to go explore. What a find! 

I love this little spot! The camping area is in the shade and there’s 110v plugs on the trees (love when they do that). The spot I took over also had a nice sink just a few steps away. Now, this was luxury, not to mention a swimming pool down in the park. Can it get any better than this? Yup, the park was closed for the week so there wasn’t a soul in sight. The pool was also closed but, you know, there’s a pool!

These are the places that make me happy. It was probably a boring week in the eyes of most people, to me it was a perfect week alone. Few people realize the benefits of a spot like this, other than having electric and water, just the fact that you feel safe working outside is amazing. Or being able to leave your camp chairs outside, clothes drying in the breeze of the night. All these little things make a van work-week extra nice. 

This is what Week 18 was all about. I ate good food, put in my hours of work, took morning walks with Taco, napped in the hammock and had some amazing sleeps with the fan on at full speed. (perks of plugging in the van).

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