Remember that streak of bliss from the last weeks? Well, it ended with week 20. Even after a really nice weekend in Monteverde, my level of frustration was at a 10+. Getting stuck with the van at night was not fun but it also was a good lesson. Or maybe, a little wake-up call for many things in my life. 

1st lesson was: Stop being so nice. I know, I know, silly but hear me out. I’m a giver, I love going out of my way for friends, people, being nice. But sometimes I’m too nice. Driving 12 hours from Barva to Liberia and then way up to Monteverde was a dumb move. But I wanted to do something nice for someone and almost trashed my van in the process. Never doing that again, any of it. 

2nd lesson was: More focus on work. I realized work had gotten complicated when I drove so much or was moving around. It’s tricky, living in a van full-time and having 2 demanding jobs. These weeks have been intense as there are many changes work-wise, but I realized it adds to the stress of van living. I would love to just travel and explore but right now this is what there is. 

3rd lesson was: Solutions can be temporary. So after driving out of Monteverde, I dropped into San Ramon to visit some friends of mine. They had been bugging me about a tiny house that was being built next to them. Just a little house surrounded by coffee farmland about 80 minutes from San Jose. The weather? Perfection. So I stayed and hung out for a bit – ended up renting the place for a few months. 

This doesn’t mean I will stop living in the van. But it does mean that I will have a place to land and recoup. I will have a place to focus when work weeks get hectic. I will have a place to do laundry. I will have a place to hide out when beaches get busy and spring break comes around. I will have a place to sit outside in warm clothing and think about stupid weeks like the last one. 

Also part of this week was a visit to San Jose and then the little camp in Atenas – and then off to the beach to spend some time with my son. This last sentence is why my new little hideout in San Ramon is so perfect. That is exactly where I’ll be the next couple of weeks, hiding out in my warm fleece sweater and riding out the high season of easter week. 

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