Week 21 may sound boring to you. But, to me, it was a huge deal, days of change, decisions, work, and hiding out in my new little spot. I’ve been torn about renting a tiny house. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be living in the van, but it’s just not something I had planned.

I have worked online for over 12 years, and I have been blessed to have projects that allow me to work on the road and choose my schedule. But, that has shifted a little bit in the last weeks. My new job has ramped up, and with that, my earnings. I’ve always chosen life over money. I could work 40-hour weeks and have tons of cash, buy stuff, maybe a house, maybe finish paying off the van. But that would make me unhappy. What a dilemma, huh! 

Working 6 to 7 hours Monday to Friday in the van has become tricky. That was not my plan. But both my current jobs are significant, recognized brands, and I should be celebrating that they choose me every day to be a part of their team. I’m also spending massive amounts of money to keep my hotspot topped off. Again, not my plan. So, all this brings me to the little house I just rented. This is the plan. 

I found a little place up in the hills of San Ramón. It’s nestled up in a coffee plantation and has perfect cool weather. It’s simple, crazily affordable, and just a 60-minute drive from downtown. The primary use of the house will be to store all my son’s belongings until he finds a place of his own. It’s also a place where I can land and prep the van. This would make me spoiled in the van-dwelling world. I am very aware of that. And this is where I’m torn about having the privilege to stop at a place, rest, clean out the van, fill water, do laundry, and keep moving. However, I plan to still ” live” in the van, sleep, and cook in the van. It’s my home. 

So, week 21 was all about this. The house is not finished yet, but I was able to park outside and hang out for the week. I spent time with my neighbors and got a feel of the place. It’s good, and it’s a good decision. This week also was the start of the rainy season, and it came on with a bang. Add to that; this upcoming week is Easter Week (which also clashes with Spring Break). There’s absolutely no way you will find me anywhere but hiding out in my new little mountain home, away from the crowded beaches and unforgiving traffic. 

Living in a van always looks so fantastic and magical. It is being on the road, exploring new places, and living an epic life. But it can also be frustrating, and it’s just part of it. There are days when it’s way too hot to sleep at night, and you couldn’t plug the van, so your fridge dies overnight – together with all your food. And the days when you get stuck on a dirt road, and you are terrified that you’ll flip the van. There are also days when you can’t figure out where to sleep. Or find a place to sleep but have no internet service, and have to move. And there are weeks where all of this comes together, and you want it all to stop. My little landing spot will help with all of this. It will give me a breather when I need one, and then I can go wonder, park at all my “homey” spots and add a little exploration to that too.

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