OK, so I skipped Week 23 because it was boring. I spent all week in my new little landing spot in San Ramón, just working, doing laundry, and making the place somewhat “home” in the most simple way possible. Week 24 I was back on the road. 

I can’t even begin to explain how refreshed I was after a full week’s break. Add to this, the van took off in top shape, meaning: All the bedding, pillows, blankets, throws, and even Taco’s bed were clean and fresh. The fridge was nice and clean, smelling like Lysol and ready for a few more months on the road. The floor was mopped, fresh sheets on the bed, clean pots, dishes and re-stocked to the nines. It’s funny how these little things make all the difference in the world – to me at least. 

I didn’t want to go far, and the rainy season is here. Not only is it here, but it’s also here with an effin’ bang. I don’t remember when was the last time a rainy season started so soon, and there was so much non-stop rain. So I decided to head to Arenal. It’s an area I love, and I haven’t been there for a while. There are many campgrounds in the Fortuna area, all with 110v, which unfortunately is quite necessary when it’s raining. 

This is another reason why my landing spot is just making more and more sense. It’s Sunday evening, and it’s raining outside. I have TONS of laundry to do from this week in Arenal. It was wet pretty much 7 out of the 9 days I was on the road. This means everything in the van is not only wet, but dirty. All my towels, sarongs, carpets, shoes, clothes, and humidity in the bed, my hair, you name it. I think if I ever were to say there is a downside to a full-time van living in Costa Rica, it would certainly be the rainy season. And this means that a great portion of the year, you’re scrambling to get out of the rain or camp where you’re (hopefully) under some kind of roof and can plug in your van.

There is definitely an upside to rainy days in the van though. I’m still slammed with work, and I will probably be for the rest of the year. My new project has ramped up, and my end client is possibly the biggest brand I could ever work with. So, I’m readjusting because this means so much for my career and my future. So back to rainy days. They are really pretty perfect for working, reading, writing, and all the things I like to do when I’m by myself. I managed to catch up on my book reading which is always fantastic. I was able to put in 100% of my work hours and it was good. 

A couple of days I headed closer to Fortuna, and it rained for literally 3 days non-stop. This is not normal, but something really amazing happened. I did not feel the urge to run away to the comfort of my new little house – this made me super happy. The van is home to me, anything I’d be doing in the house I can do in the van, with the exception of having steady wifi. This meant the world to me. 

So that was week 24, a reassurance that the life I chose, is the life I love.

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