About Me

British born and grew up in Mexico, I moved to Costa Rica when I was 10 and it’s been “home” for the last 40 years. Adventure was always one of my interests yet life’s twists & turns not always offered the opportunities for me to venture off like I do today. After spending a lot of time traveling the Colorado area and parts of Canada, my world opened up to the beauties of life on the road.

I started like most people do, backpacking with the minimum, camping in tents, setting up in the rain, no sleeping pad, no pillow. 20 years litter I’m just finishing converting my Sprinter van and I’m living in it full-time. Most of my content here is about the process, my stories, my adventures and a few tips in the mix.

Van living is not for everybody, it looks great on Instagram but the realities are different. Working full-time, maintaining connections with friends and family, all while living quite a solitary lifestyle. (If you travel alone that is). But there’s also those moments, where you’re having your morning coffee in the most beautiful place, or having breakfast under a rainbow – if those things make your heart sing, then you know what I mean.

My work is online, I have been in the Social Media Management business for over 12 years and I really love it. I work with a few accounts that allow me to live my lifestyle yet be part of amazing work teams and projects.

My partner in crime is little Taco, my adventure pup. He’s 4 years old now, a Chihuahua Pinscher mix. Although he’s somewhat of a feisty dude, he protects me and the van, he’s the best company too.

“Time outside, is never a waste of time”